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IB Physics 2025

Self-marking revision quizzes


Micro (µ) IB

Mini-topic Quizzes: 10 questions in under 10 mins.

SL + HL Topics
A1 Kinematics
A1 Motion Graphs
A2 Forces
A2 Newton's Laws
A2 Momentum
A2 Friction and fluids
A2 Circular Motion
A3 Energy + Power
B1 Thermal Energy
B1 Heat Transfer
B1 Black Body Radiation
B2 Greenhouse Effect
B3 Ideal Gases
B5 Circuit Basics
B5 Circuits + Cells

HL Only Topics
A4 Rigid Body Mechanics
A4 Rotation Equations
A5 Relativity Basics
A5 Relativistic Quantities
B4 Thermodynamics
B4 Entropy and Cycles

All of these micro tests are quick and easy to complete - great for revision in small topic sections!


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