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Test Information for Students

This is a multiple choice test. you get 2 marks for a correct answer.

However if you are honest and choose 'do not know' you get 1/2 mark, so don't just guess!

Good luck!

Please fill in your details here and ask your teacher for the password, as well as which test you are taking.

Full Name:
Entry into year..

Please ask your teacher which of these to choose.



- Current password for entry tests is in the 'teachers area' - login as usual to find it. it is NOT your school password!

- Standard tests are content based. These are the originals if your school has been using them for a while.

- The 'ability' test is more of an aptitude test and has (nearly) no content knowledge required. New to this? We recommend these!

- Tests should take less than 50 minutes.

If you have new students arriving in school this is a great way to assess ability on ariival and see their potential.