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Test Information for Students

This is a 40 question multiple choice test. you get 2 marks for a correct answer.

However if you are honest and choose 'do not know' you get 1/2 mark, so don't just guess!

Good luck!

Please fill in your details here and ask your teacher for the password.

Full Name:


  • Current password for entry tests is in the 'teachers area' - login as usual to find it, at the bottom of the school data pages. it is NOT your school password!
  • This is primarily an aptitude test and minimal content knowledge is required. It is typically used to gain a benchmark for students entering a school in years 7-10.
  • Grading is old-style UK KS3 National Curriculum grading: 3 (low) to 7 (highest). A high level 6 is graded 6+.
  • Final percentages and grades will appear in your teachers' area results.
  • Test should take about 50 minutes or less, with 40 questions.
  • This test is hard! The average is about 56% - scores vary widely and analysis shows it is an excellent predictor of future GCSE performance. The best way to predict science ability? With science questions!

If you have new students arriving in school this is a great way to quicky assess ability on arrival and see their potential.

Recent data: It's more accurate than MIDYIS/YELLIS for science GCSEs. And it's free!