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Analysis of Results

This tool allows you to see how well your students have done question by question, compared to the worldwide average.

Just login to the teachers area, and then pull up a single test done by one of your classes. Now click the 'analyse' button.

The site will generate a table and graph like this showing which questions caused problems first time around. It also generates a full table of correct/incorrect answers student by student.

It's great for spotting missed content or areas in need of review.

Any problems or mistakes with this please let us know.

Using this site

Best for:

  • Plenaries and starters
  • Home learning
  • Cover lessons
  • Revision lessons

GRADEGORILLA is designed to be used primarily for revision, either before tests and exams or at the end of a unit. It is very useful as a cover lesson as well if computers are available, particularly as the work gets marked! Please remind them to enter their details and then go back and try corrections.

It is a great formative assessment tool, especially if you use the analysis feature to check where students are making mistakes.

PLEASE let us know about errors, typos etc.

Current Ranking:

Search Term Google World Ranking
GCSE Physics Revision Questions #1
igcse physics questions #1
IB Physics Questions #1
KS3 Physics Questions #1

Reference: Jan 2019    - www.google.co.uk

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Also Available


New students arriving and you don't know how they will do? This test is designed as a general admission science test based on science aptitude and logic.

There is limited content needed, just some basic understanding of measuring, interpreting data on graphs and in tables, and simple maths skills. It is tough! It has also been running for some years now and gives an excellent science baseline assessment within an hour. So far, early analysis indicates a better correlation with final GCSE science results than CAT tests!

Try it out here...(look up the password first!)

The password for the tests is not the same as your school password as we have to issue to students. It is at the top of the results page once you login on this page, above.

Hope you find it useful.

The silverback.