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Gradegorilla.com is looking for a partner or partners to advertise on our site for 2019. After building a considerable following in the UK and international schools, we are in a position to offer a unique platform to reach our target audience.

In 2018, GRADEGORILLA was the leading Physics revision questions site in the UK, and also in many other countires offering a UK based curriculum. With over 8 million hits in 2018 and over 150 000 unique visitors, the site is growing constantly in popularity and reputation.
We are ranked #1 for physics revision questions on all leading search engines for GCSE, IB, Key stage 3 and IGCSE. We are targetting to reach 10 million hits in 2019.

If you are looking to reach Physics, Engineering or Science students in the 11-19 age bracket, this may be the site for you.

Our site has been free for many years. We are now looking to place leader banners and MPU's, targetting the 11 to 19 age group as well as reaching out to teachers in key positions of influence in science and technology.

2019 stats

Our individual page quizzes , especially the micro quizzes, are ideal for a possible global partner to have lead or full sponsorship for the site. These are our most visited pages. A global partner / lead sponsor would be in a position to work closely with this emerging site to effectively communicate with your target audience.


If you are interested, of for further information (we can provide google analytics demographics) please contact us at info@gradegorilla.com.

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