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µ IB | S.H.M. (AHL)

10 quick questions



10 minutes maximum! (can you do it in 5?)

A high-rise building is swaying in a strong wind. The time period is 2 s and the amplitude of the top floor is 0.5 m. Assuming the motion is SHM, which of these answers gives:



 1. The value of ω?

  • A. ½π rad s-1
  • B. π rad s-1
  • C. 2π rad s-1
  • D. 4π rad s-1


2. The value of the acceleration when x = 0.5 m?

  • A. ½π2 ms-2
  • B. π2 ms-2
  • C. 2π2 ms-2
  • D. 14π2 ms-2

The following 4 graphs are to used for questions 3- 5:

Which of these graphs shows the variation with displacement of..

3. ...the kinetic energy of an SHM system?
4. ...the potential energy of an SHM system?
5. ...the total kinetic energy and potential energy of an SHM system?



A mass m on a spring is bouncing up and down. This is a simple harmonic oscillation, with a time period of T.


Oleg Alexandrov


6. What is the new time period if the mass m is replaced with a mass of 4m?

  • A. ½ T
  • B. T
  • C. 2 T
  • D. 4 T

7. Which of the following best describes the velocity and the acceleration at the lowest point of the oscillation?

velocity Acceleration
zero zero
zero maximum
maximum zero
maximum maximum

8. The graph shown here gives the displacement of the mass from the centre point at a time T.

Which of the following graphs shows the variation of velocity at a time T?


9. A pendulum of mass m and length l has a time period T. Which of the following formulas correctly gives l in terms of m, T and the gravitational field strength, g?


10. On a planet in our solar system, a pendulum of length 1 m swings with a time period of 2 seconds. To a good approximation, π2 = 10. What is the value of the gravitational field strength on this planet?

  • A. 20 N kg-1
  • B. 10 N kg-1
  • C. 4 N kg-1
  • D. 1 N kg-1