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Chemistry µGCSE:


10 quick questions - for GCSE and iGCSE



10 minutes maximum! (can you do it in 5?)  

Q1-3 refer to the following particle diagrams. Different atoms are represented by orange and blue circles.

Particles in boxes

Select the diagram which represents ……..

1. .. a mixture of gases.
2. .. a gaseous compound.
3. .. chlorine gas (Cl2)

4. Which of the following is correct about diagrams X and Y?

particles in boxes #2

  Diagram X represents.. Diagram Y represents..
A two elements a mixture
B two elements a compound
C two compounds a mixture
D two compounds a compound
5. Which type of substance can be separated by filtration?
  • A.   an element
  • B.   a compound
  • C.   a mixture
  • D.   a molecule
6. This apparatus can be used to obtain pure water from sea water. separation apparatus

What is the name of the process shown?

  • A.   filtration
  • B.   evaporation
  • C.   crystallisation
  • D.   distillation

Q7-9. Select the most suitable technique to obtain the first named substance from each of the following mixtures:

7. Chalk from a mixture of chalk and water.
8. Kerosene from crude oil.
9. Copper(II)sulfate from copper(II)sulfate solution.

10. A student investigated the colour in three different flowers X, Y and Z.

He set up the apparatus as shown:


chromatography experiment

An error made by the student was he ..

  • A.   put a lid on the beaker
  • B.   drew the start line in ink
  • C.   put the start line above the water level
  • D.   put all three spots on the same piece of chromatography paper