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Chemistry µGCSE:


10 quick questions - for GCSE and iGCSE



10 minutes maximum! (can you do it in 5?)  
1. The functional group of the alcohol family is …
  • A.   C-H
  • B.   O-H
  • C.   C=C
  • D.   COOH

Q2-5: Sugars such as glucose (C6H12O6) can be converted into ethanol.

2. The name of this process is ….
  • A.   fermentation
  • B.   denaturing
  • C.   distillation
  • D.   hydration

3. The conditions required for this reaction to take place are:

  Substance Added Temperature (0C)
A phosphoric acid 30
B phosphoric acid 300
C yeast 30
D yeast 300


4. The equation for this reaction is ..
  • A.   C6H12O6    C2H5OH  + CO2
  • B.   C6H12O6    2 C2H5OH  + CO2
  • C.   C6H12O6    C2H5OH  + 4 CO2
  • D.   C6H12O6    2 C2H5OH  + 2 CO2

5. A concentrated solution of ethanol is obtained from the reaction mixture by …

  • A.   distillation
  • B.   fractional distillation
  • C.   filtration
  • D.   evaporation


6. Ethanol can also be produced by the reaction between ethene and steam. The equation for the reaction is …

  • A.   C2H6  +   H2O       C2H5OH  +  H2
  • B.   C2H6  +   H2O       CH3OH   +  CH4
  • C.   C2H4  +   H2O       C2H4O    +  H2
  • D.   C2H4  +   H2O       C2H5OH 

7. Ethanol is very useful as a fuel:


burning ethanol

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The products of the complete combustion of ethanol are…

  • A.   carbon dioxide and hydrogen
  • B.   carbon dioxide and water
  • C.   carbon monoxide and hydrogen
  • D.   carbon monoxide and water

8. What are the names of the two alcohols X and Y shown here?

alcohols X and Y

  Alcohol X Alcohol Y
A ethanol propanol
B ethanol butanol
C methanol propanol
D methanol butanol
9. The product(s) formed when ethanol is treated with an oxidizing agent is ….
  • A.   carbon dioxide and water
  • B.   carbon monoxide and water
  • C.   ethanoic acid
  • D.   ethene
10. C3H7OH can be converted to C2H5COOH. This is a(n)  reaction.