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Chemistry µIB
2.2a Electronic Configuration
10 quick questions



10 minutes maximum!

An IB Periodic Table is required. Calculators should not be used!

1. What is the electronic configuration of silicon?
  • A.   2,8,6
  • B.   2,6,6
  • C.   8,6
  • D.   2,8,4

2. What are the electronic configurations of the Al3+ and S2- ions?

  Al3+ S2-
A 2,8,3 2,8,6
B 2,8 2,8,8
C 2,8,6 2,8,4
D 2,8,8 2,8
3. Emission spectra are produced when photons are emitted from atoms as ...
  • A.   excited electrons return to lower energy levels
  • B.   ground state electrons are excited from lower to higher energy levels
  • C.   protons and neutrons rearrange themselves in the nucleus
  • D.   excited electrons move to higher energy levels
4. Which statement is true?
  • A.   Blue light has a higher energy and lower frequency than red light
  • B.   Blue light has lower energy and shorter wavelength than red light
  • C.   Red light has a higher energy and higher frequency than blue light
  • D.   Red light has a lower energy and longer wavelength then blue light

5. What are the relationships between energy and wavelength, and energy and frequency across the electromagnetic spectrum?

  Wavelength Frequency
A Energy ∝ wavelength Energy ∝ frequency
B Energy ∝ wavelength Energy ∝ 1/frequency
C Energy ∝ 1/wavelength Energy ∝ frequency
D Energy ∝ 1/wavelength Energy ∝ 1/frequency
6. Which statement is false?
  • A.   A continuous spectrum contains all possible frequencies
  • B.   A line emission spectrum is produced by electrons moving from higher to lower energy levels
  • C.   Specific frequencies of energy are absorbed in a line emission spectrum
  • D.   A line spectrum consists of discrete lines of specific wavelengths

The line emission spectrum of hydrogen in the visible region is shown below:

Hydrogen line spectrum

Patrick Edward Moran
CC-BY-SA 3.0
7. This spectrum provides evidence that ...
  • A.   Energy levels converge at higher energy
  • B.   Energy levels are evenly distributed
  • C.   Energy levels converge at lower energy
  • D.   Energy levels are randomly arranged
8. Which statement is true for the hydrogen emission spectrum in the visible region?
  • A.   The lines are produced when electrons move from lower to higher energy levels
  • B.   The lines are due to electron transitions into the first energy level
  • C.   The red line represents the greatest energy transition
  • D.   The lines are due to electron transitions into the second energy level
9. Which electronic transition represents the greatest energy change?
  • A.   n = 5 to n = 2
  • B.   n = ∞ to n = 3
  • C.   n = 3 to n = 2
  • D.   n = 2 to n = 1
10. What is the correct order of decreasing energy of the following sub-shells?
  • A.   4s > 4p > 4d > 4f
  • B.   4f > 4d > 4p > 4s
  • C.   4d > 4f > 4p > 4s
  • D.   4p > 4s > 4f > 4d