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Biology µIB
2.6 Structure of DNA + RNA
10 quick questions



Essential idea: The structure of DNA allows efficient storage of genetic information

10 minutes maximum! (can you do it in 5?)

1. Which of the following scientists was not involved in the discovery of the structure of DNA?
  • A. Crick
  • B. Franklin
  • C. Flemming
  • D. Watson

Q2-5: These questions are about the structure of DNA.

DNA structure
Zephrys - CC-BY-SA 3.0

2. In the image above, what makes up the backbone ?
  • A. Deoxyribose
  • B. Deoxyribose and phosphate
  • C. Bases
  • D. Ribose and phosphate
3. Base pairs make up the ‘rungs of the ladder’. Which of the following would not be found in DNA?
  • A.  Adenine – Thymine
  • B.  Guanine – Cytosine
  • C.  Uracil – Adenine
  • D.  Thymine – Adenine
4. The bases are joined to ...
  • A. phosphorous
  • B. oxygen
  • C. hydrogen
  • D. carbon
5. The complementary bases are linked by what type of bond?
  • A. Polar
  • B. Hydrogen
  • C. Covalent
  • D. Peptide

Q6-7: These questions are about the diagram below:

representation of a biological molecule


6. The diagram represents ...
  • A. a nucleoside
  • B. a nucleotide
  • C. DNA
  • D. RNA
7. The three structures are held together by which type of bond?
  • Polar
  • Hydrogen
  • Covalent
  • Peptide

8. Which row in the table below gives the correct information for RNA?

  sugar bases Number of strands
A Ribose A, C, U, G one
B Ribose A, C, T, G one
C Deoxyribose A ,C, U, G two
D Deoxyribose A, C, T, G two

9. Which answer shows the correct complementary base pairing for DNA?

  • A.
  A C T G G T A
    T A G C C U T

  • B.
  A C T G G T A
    T G A C C A T

  • C.
  A C T G G T A
    U G A C C A U

  • D.
  A C T G G T A
    G T C A A C G

10.The two strands of DNA are known as antiparallel. Which is the correct representation of this?       

  • A.  
3′ 5′
  5′ 3′

  • B.  
3′ 3′
  3′ 5′

  • C.  
5′ 3′
  3′ 5′

  • D.  
5′ 5′
  5′ 5′
Background Image by Tim Tim
CC-BY-SA 4.0