SAT Circuits

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The graphs below show characteristics of electrical components.

1. Which of the graphs above shows how the current (y axis) varies with the voltage applied for a resistor that obeys ohm's law?

2. Which of the graphs above shows how the voltage (y axis) varies with time as a capacitor is discharged ?


3. Which of the following graphs shows how the resistance of a filament lamp varies with voltage?

4. A circuit is set up to investigate the I-V characteristics of a bulb, over the full range of voltage available . It includes a variable resistor used as a potential divider.

Which of these shows the correct arrangement of the components?


5. The graph shows how the current varies in an unknown component.

At x, the tangent T has a gradient of m.

The resistance of the component at x is:


  • A. V/I
  • B. I/V
  • C. m
  • D. m2
  • E. 1/m

These 4 resistor networks are made using identical resistors.


6. Which network has the highest resistance?
7. Which network would have the largest current flowing through it when connected to identical cells?

A battery of e.m.f. 12V ( and negligible internal resistance) is connected to a resistor.

30C of charge flows through the resistor in one minute.

8.What is the current flowing?
  • A. 0.2A
  • B. 0.4A
  • C. 0.5A
  • D. 2A
  • E. 2.5A

9. What is the power dissipated in the resistor?

  • A. 2.5W
  • B. 6W
  • C. 24W
  • D. 130W
  • E. 360W

10. What is the value of the resistor?

  • A. 0.4 Ω
  • B. 2.5 Ω
  • C. 12 Ω
  • D. 20 Ω
  • E. 24 Ω