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Recommended Books

The Silverback recommends the following books:

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Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover    Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover

In Addition:

Many of these revision books are the excellent CGP books - brief, easy to read and with
loads of illustrations to help you understand the physics you need to learn:



Some excellent CGP books for Key Stage 3 (UK years 7-9) .....

CGP KS3 Physics Study Question Book
CGP KS3 Physics Workbook


   Great CGP books For Physics and Double Sciences.

AQA: CGP GCSE Physics 9-1 Revision
Edexcel: CGP GCSE Physics 9-1 Revision
OCR: CGP GCSE Physics 9-1 Revision


For Physics and Double Sciences.

CGP Physics International GCSE 9-1 Revision Guide

Letts IGCSE Revision Success


These are probably the best of the bunch from a large selection of IB resources:

IB revision: Oxford IB Physics Study Guide
IB textbook: Oxford IB Physics Course Book

The study guide in particular is really useful - easy to follow and all the key points to revise.


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