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IB Biology Authors required

We are looking for experienced IB Biology teachers to write questions for us for the new syllabus. If you are interested and want to find out more, contact us at ''.

About our organisation:

Grade Gorilla is a website run by practising teachers. We use the revenue we gain from accounts to invest in new content, as well as security and webhosting.

Grade Gorilla is a registered Hong Kong Limited Company. (Company Registry 2931259).
Our team of teachers have been working in international schools around the world, but based on UK and English Language Curriculum (e.g. IBDP).

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Grade Gorilla has been operating as a website since 2009, and a Limited Company since 2020. We now run two sites:

  • Revision and formative assessment. Self-marking questions. (KS3, GCSE, iGCSE, IBDP)
  • Interactive 'ebook' textbooks. (Physics GCSE and iGCSE).