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CIE iGCSE - Energy

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1. Work done is measured in

  • A) joules
  • B) watts
  • C) coulombs
  • D) newtons

2. Which of these is NOT a form of stored energy?

  • A) chemical
  • B) gravitational potential
  • C) wind
  • D) kinetic

3-8. Choose the correct energy store in the following systems:

A bow and arrow transfers
energy into useful
A petrol engine in a car transfers
energy into useful
A falling ball transfers
energy into


Q9+10: A motor on a train converts 60 000J of electrical energy into 45 000J of kinetic energy.

electric train

9. How efficient is the motor?  
10. If it converts this energy in 15 seconds, what is the useful power output?


11. What is the formula for work done?

  • A) Work done = F x d
  • B) Work done = F / d
  • C) Work done = m x a
  • D) Work done = m / a

12. A tractor pulls a plough 2km across a field using a force of 8kN. What is the work done?