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Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover  Edexcel iGCSE Physics book cover

Speed, Acceleration, Graphs, Momentum, Stopping Distances


1. What unit should be used when measuring power?
2.  "Whenever 2 objects interact, the forces between them are equal and opposite". This is
  • A). Newton's First Law
  • B). Newton's Second law
  • C). Newton's Third law
  • D). not one of Newton's Laws
3. Newton's 3rd law is all about forces. Which of these is a clear demonstration of this law?
  1. The recoil of a gun
  2. An apple falling to the ground
  3. The force of gravity on all objects
  4. A comet would travel in a straight line if there was no gravity

4. Which of these speeds might be typical for a bicycle?

  • A). 0.6 m/s
  • B). 6 m/s
  • C). 60 m/s
  • D). 600 m/s

This motorbike moves along a road at 25m/s.

Calculate ..


5. The distance moved in 50s.

  • A). 2 m
  • B). 0.5 m
  • C). 125 m
  • D). 1.25 km

6. The time taken to travel 2 kilometres.

  • A). 4 s
  • B). 80 s
  • C). 0.08 s
  • D). 40 s

7. Which of these 4 distance (s) -time (t) graphs shows a horse moving at constant velocity?

ST graph


8. Which of these is the correct formula for acceleration ?

  • A). change in velocity x time taken
  • B). change in velocity / time taken
  • C). velocity x time taken
  • D). velocity / time taken

9. A train accelerates from 10 m/s to 50 m/s in 20 seconds. The acceleration is:

  • A). 2 m/s2
  • B). 2.5 m/s2
  • C). 800 m/s2
  • D). 1000 m/s2


10. To increase the momentum of a toy car, which two quantities must be increased?

1st Quantity
2nd quantity

The velocity - time graph shows the journey of a bus as it moves away from a road junction.

What quantity is shown by.....

11. The gradient of line A
12. Line B
13. The area under the line.
14. The gradient of line C